Commissioned work


All photographic work carried out by myself is subject to the standard copyright laws applicable at the time of shooting.

I hereby assert my rights as the Copyright Holder and assert my moral rights to a credit (where possible)


A standard Licence to Use is 3 yrs from date of shooting.  


Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice and no licence to use is granted until payment has been received in full.

Use of work by 3rd Parties


Use of my work by a third party company i.e a company or person not involved in the original commission is allowable only after having been given prior written permission from myself as the copyright holder and only after a suitable reproduction fee has been paid.


This fee varies depending on use (web site, print or social media) and length of time a licence to use is required. 

Single image use for website is £100.00 pa with credit (image courtesy © Photoclear Photography) + 100% if not credited. 


Print : subject to negotiation depending on placement, size and print run.

Social Media £25.00pa (3 yrs £50.00)



Unfortunately it is now quite common place for images to be copied (stolen) off web sites for use in company brochures, leaflets and websites. My website is no exception. It is now increasingly easy to track where images are used when no licence has been acquired.


I use LaPixa.


Ignorance of the law is no excuse for using illegally obtained images especially since each image contains metadata which identifies the copyright holder. Where found I will invoice accordingly and take appropriation action if unpaid. 

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